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海外訂單付款方式為信用卡刷卡(VISA, MASTER, JCB)。基於交易安全考量,刷卡過程中需要您輸入3D驗證碼。
ⓘ 請於10分鐘內完成付款,若超過付款時間,系統將自動取消訂單。








全館優惠:國際運送館內滿$3500元 免運送費

出貨後送達時間:EMS查詢 順豐查詢


ⓘ 海外會員恕無法享有官網國內滿三件免運之優惠以及各類優惠活動。

 Overseas members will not be able to enjoy the free shipping on the official website for three domestic items and various promotions.

ⓘ 商品寄出後,您可從訂單內查詢訂單編號, 並至物流公司官網查詢/追蹤配送進度。

You can check your orders by logging into "My Account- Order Tracking" and viewing your recent orders, and use your parcel number to track your package on express website.

ⓘ 因各國進口關稅標準不同,若領取包裹時,貴國欲收取商品之關稅或偏遠地區另收之費用,需買家自行支付。
If you're ordering outside of Taiwan, your order may be subject to customs and import duties. ONSOUL has no control over these charges and we can't tell you what cost would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. It might be a good idea to contact your local customs office for more information on the current charges.

ⓘ 依照台灣營業稅法,4:44STUDIO將不會開立統一發票,但會於包裹中附上訂單明細以核對商品。 *營業稅法:直接外銷貨物或勞務予國外買受人得免開立統一發票*

AAccording to Taiwan Business Tax Law, 4:44STUDIO will not issue a unified invoice, but will attach the order details to the package to check the goods. *Business Tax Law: Directly exporting goods or services to foreign buyers is exempt from issuing uniform invoices*


  • 請務必填寫正確收件人資訊,若因為收件信息不正確無法配送且無人簽收,導致包裹退回我們將直接取消整筆訂單。
  • 被退回之包裹僅會以購物金方式歸還商品金額(運費一律不歸還);作業完成後也會以E-mail方式通知您。
  • 海外會員無提供七日退貨服務
  • 若收到瑕疵/錯誤商品,請於簽收包裹格日算起三日內,提供瑕疵細部照片至信箱444studio.acc@gmail.com,並於信件內留下訂單資訊/我們會盡快協助處理
  • 若海外買家自行退回商品且運費到付,將一律拒收,而運費及相關費用將由買家自行承擔


After-sales service

1.Please be sure to fill in the correct recipient information. If the package cannot be delivered due to incorrect recipient information and no one has signed for it, we will directly cancel the entire order if the package is returned.

2.The returned package will only be returned in the form of shopping credit (the shipping fee will not be returned); you will also be notified by E-mail after the operation is completed.

3.Overseas members do not provide seven-day return service

4.If you receive defective/wrong products, please provide detailed photos of the defects to the mailbox 444studio.acc@gmail.com within three days from the date of receipt of the package, and leave the order information in the letter / We will assist in processing as soon as possible

5.If overseas buyers return the goods by themselves and the freight is collected, they will all be rejected, and the freight and related costs will be borne by the buyer

※Special reminder: If the local courier company fails to deliver multiple times and the customer service informs the recipient that the recipient has not been contacted, some courier companies will no longer return the package, and we will not refund any money. Please also You pay attention.